Good news story

One of the first visits I did when I started Weoley Community group was to a resident who had moved into his flat at the beginning of 2016. The back garden was full of bushes and twigs that had been left by the previous resident after cutting down the trees and hedges in the front garden and he was assured that they would be removed before he moved in.  Of course this never happened and due to his ill health he was unable to do the work himself. 

On my visit on the 28th December I helped him fill out the online report on the council website, making sure all the relevant detail was there and telling the council exactly what was needed.  Nothing was heard so we used the complaint form using the reference number from the previous report and he contacted the councillors to ask why he hadn’t heard anything. This was around the 20th January. 

This week I got a message to say that the council had been out and cleared the lot and had done a really good job of it.  

The resident now has a usable space ready for spring and doesn’t have to look at a mess left behind by the previous tenant. What a result!