Weoley Ward Forum meeting 25/2

On Saturday morning I attended the Weoley Ward Forum meeting at St Gabriel’s Church, chaired by the local Councillors and attended by a number of residents.

Below is a summary of some of the issues discussed.

Square Club

Was sold at auction for around £282,000, Councillors are hoping to update further at the next meeting as there is some uncertainty as to whether the community will receive 7% or between £6-9,000 from the sale and of course what to do with the money.


PC Barber from Weoley NHT explained the emphasis on neighbourhood policing and how to contact the local police team via the website. A number of questions in relation to parking around Swarthmore Road and local schools. News that the alcohol restricted zones seen across most of Birmingham are to be phased out over the next year with new legislation coming in.


There is £48,000 available per ward until march 2018. It is designed for new self sustaining projects that helps to deal with local issues and invites collaboration between community groups to involve more of the community. There will be a workshop specifically for this on 18th April at St Gabriels a second date and venue is to be confirmed.

There is also talk of a second pot of community funding which Weoley is 1 of 8 wards allocated this funding and there will be more emphasis and assistance on bringing funding into Weoley in the future.

Bus service

Same issues as previous meeting around the 48 route. updated from NX WM that it will remain a double decker but will be every 30 minutes which seems to contradict itself! Complaints that the 29 no longer serves Selly Oak. Councillors will try to get a representative to the next meeting to answer some of the questions raised.


Councillor Julie Johnson has put herself forward to represent Weoley on the board for Northfield Business Improvement District as some of the shops in the scheme are actually part of Weoley. I asked why Weoley could not have it’s own Business improvement District and it was said that it was tried previously with little success as businesses were reluctant to get involved and Councillor Steve Booton conceded that he had mentioned meeting more businesses and inviting them to the meetings to get them more involved but that this had not been done and should be done for future meetings, to integrate them more into the community.


They are currently on Shenley Academy car park but to be served notice imminently meaning they have 48 hours to leave, it is hoped they will leave sooner so school on Monday is not disrupted.

Next meeting

Issues to be discussed are LIF, buses and rubbish fly tipping.

Date to be confirmed.



If you have any questions you can contact me directly.